How to find remote work: 25 remote jobs sites in 2021

We help you discover the Best Remote Jobs sites to find your dream remote position

Remote work is the future - if you’ve landed on this page is because you believe it is true, too.

Flexjobs surveyed more than 2,100 people who worked remotely during the pandemic and found that 2 in 3 people want to work remotely full-time AFTER the pandemic ends. The survey revealed that many want to find remote jobs so that they can enjoy a more flexible schedule, spend time with their family and save money.

Google Trends is also showing us how the trend of looking for remote work opportunities keeps growing with no intention to stop. Remote work is here to stay.

Google Trends: Keyword "remote jobs" Worldwide (August 2021)

Google Trends: Keyword "remote jobs" Worldwide (August 2021)

Where to find remote job listings

If you’re not sure where to find remote jobs, don’t worry! We’ve done a thorough job search of the best remote jobs site and put it together for you. No matter if you are a marketer, operation manager, copywriter, or payroll assistant - we have got you covered! Below you can find a list of the best remote job sites to help you discover remote work opportunities.

1. Hiremoter

Homepage is the first remote jobs platform dedicated to job seekers with no coding experience. Viviana Viale, the founder of, has been struggling to find a remote position after she lost hers due to the Pandemic and decided to start a remote job platform to help people like her, finding legitimate remote opportunities matching their skills.‍

You´ll find hundreds of remote work opportunities in multiple job categories: marketing, client services, customer support, operations, design, writing, product, and at different career levels - entry level, mid-level, and senior level.

Hiremoter also clearly displays the remote location per listing - i.e. Remote Europe, Remote US, Remote APAC - to make it easier to find remote work opportunities in your desired remote location.

"I had this exact problem [finding a legitimate remote role] when first trying to find a location independent job as a non-coder. Excited to follow along!¨Chase Warrington, Head of Business Development at Doist.
"Love this! This was my struggle as well whenever I was job searching. I refuse to work in an office environment ever again - I simply wasn’t happy until I started working remotely. It’s amazing to see a platform like this launched for those like us!" Catherine Ries, Partner Growth Specialist at JustAnswer.

2. Remotive

remotive homepage

Remotive was born in 2014 as a newsletter, helping job seekers and workers with tips around remote work and productivity, Remotive is in fact a merge of the words remote + productive. Rodolphe Dutel, the founder, eventually launched a remote board catering predominantly to tech professionals in the start-up scene.

As of today, we can see 1,887 live remote postings from 1,263 remote companies, many of which are in web development, although you can also find remote marketing jobs and remote customer service jobs among other job categories.

Each day we can see around 3 new remote job listings being added per category. They have a search function from Algolia which makes it easier to find remote work opportunities outside the US, hiding US-only remote opportunities.

3. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely Homepage

We Work Remotely is without a doubt the oldest job board in the remote niche with more than 2.5 million monthly visitors. Most of their jobs listed are for web developers and engineers but you can also find rare gems in other categories such as sales & marketing, management & finance.

The site has an easy-to-use interface, they also provide a weekly newsletter, a podcast, career coaching services, and a slack community where you can share experiences and challenges with remote workers across the globe! It is not possible to filter out by remote location but each job has a remote location listed as one of the tags. ‍

we work remotely remote location

4. Remote OK

Remote OK Homepage

Remote OK is your go-to remote job site if you are a web developer or engineer, they list hundreds of new remote opportunities per week by the most amazing companies. They also list a few other opportunities like remote customer service jobs and remote design jobs. The site has half a million page views per month, his founder Pieter Levels is also the founder of NomadList among other start-ups.

Peter is a seasoned developer himself and is working on the site pretty much on his own, with the help of 518 robots to automate functions on-site such as automatically posting remote jobs, handling refunds, posting on social media channels, and sending out newsletters.

5. Dynamite Jobs

Dynamite Jobs Homepage

Dynamite Jobs was launched by the team behind the Tropical MBA podcast to help start-up founders to grow their remote teams, allowing them to post their first remote job for free, in multiple categories, like remote web development jobs. Remote job seekers can sign up for their free Job Placement Program to receive alerts about the newest remote jobs in their industry.

Hundreds of new remote positions are added each week and the Dynamite team makes sure to highlight if the remote job post is from a ‘Dcer’ which is a private community of entrepreneurs who build companies with distributed teams around the world creating global remote work opportunities.

6. Just Remote

Just Remote Homepage

Tom Pinchen (the founder) has built one of the most rated remote jobs websites to help you find remote jobs suitable for your skills. Tom launched a subscription-based program where you´ll get access to remote jobs companies don´t advertise directly on remote job boards. At the moment of writing, there are 4,036 remote job opportunities, split into 8 categories.

just remote power search platform

At the moment it is not possible to filter by the remote location, which means you’ll have to click on the remote job postings to find out whether the remote positions are available in your country. You can filter by remote job category, like remote customer success jobs, and by company sector. Power Search currently costs $14/mo, with the first month being more than half price at $6.

7. Homepage

This remote jobs board was founded by Sara Sutton, who is also the CEO of FlexJobs. focuses purely on remote work opportunities and doesn´t allow advertisers to post semi-remote jobs or location-based work from home jobs.‍

This remote jobs website is clearly broken down by category, like remote marketing jobs, making it easy to search for remote work online by filtering job listings by career level and type like freelance, contract, full-time and part-time remote positions.

8. Nodesk

Nodesk is not only a remote job board but also a curated collection of resources for the digital nomad/remote worker.

Nodesk Homepage

Nodesk´s weekly newsletters subscribers are in for a treat! Not only remote jobs are shared but stories, ideas, tips talk about the digital nomads' lifestyle.

Whilst searching for remote work opportunities, you can apply and browse hundreds of legitimate remote jobs at leading remote companies and start-ups.

Nodesk´s founder is also the owner of Crypto Currency Jobs - the leading job board for blockchain jobs and cryptocurrencies jobs - they don´t just list remote jobs on this platform but they have a filter where you can select only remote work opportunities.

9. Jobspresso

Jobspresso Homepage

Jobspresso is a niche remote job board with each job being hand-picked and reviews by their staff. They only post a handful amount of job listings a month but they are trusted by some of the most amazing companies like Yelp, WordPress, and TopTal. This remote site features multiple job categories such as remote marketing jobs and remote customer support jobs. Their remote job listings are advertised for 60 days, whilst in other remote job boards, there’s a maximum, of 30 days, if you see a remote job opportunity older than a month, make sure the job listing is still active and apply straight away before their close the position. Job postings tend to expire pretty quickly these days! You can also post your resume on Jobspresso with the opportunity to be seen by potential remote companies.

10. Workew

Workew Homepage

Workew is a remote jobs board with a strong audience built on Facebook, you can also follow them on their Twitter account where they regularly post remote listings in multiple categories, like remote finance jobs.

The site is fairly standard and easy to browse around, you can also post your own resume and receive weekly updates of job postings that interest you, like remote customer support jobs.

11. Working Nomads

Working Nomads Homepage

Working Nomads is a remote jobs board listing remote work opportunities for digital nomads, meaning the remote companies posting on-site are comfortable with you traveling the world whilst working for them, you won’t have surprises further down the line! Most jobs are in the software development category, but there are also plenty of remote positions in other categories.By signing up to their newsletter, you´ll receive remote jobs straight to your inbox in the desired category, for example, if you are a writer you can select to receive only remote writing jobs.

12. Pangian

Pangian homepage

This remote job board is pretty standard, presenting a list of remote jobs for workers based all over the world.

The remote site list remote opportunities in categories such as IT/Dev, marketing, PM, support, writing, and remote sales jobs - they also have a filter for WorldWide remote work opportunities.

Not all the jobs posted are available on their main site, in order to have access to the “pro” job listing, you´ll have to create a FREE candidate account.

13. Remoters

Remoters Homepage

Working remotely gives remote jobs seekers and digital nomads the opportunity to connect and help communities.

Remoters is not just a traditional job board but you can also find some very interesting remote job guides, coliving communities around the world, remote work tools, and products to help you improve your remote work performance.

The website is bilingual in English and Spanish and you can filter by job category, job skill, job type, salary range, and location.

14. EU Remote Jobs

EU Remote Jobs Homepage

EU Remote jobs is a remote jobs site for workers based in EMEA, they publish remote jobs with remote-friendly companies hiring in Europe, the Middle East & Africa, with a preference for remote-first culture where all of the employees are distributed.

The site is pretty straightforward, when you navigate to the remote jobs tab, you can filter by region, 9 different categories, and by the level of experience tag. Although this site has few remote job listings, it is a good resource if you’re trying to find remote jobs online in European time zones.

15. Skip The Drive

Skip The Drive Homepage

We like the name of this website! This remote jobs site seems to have the most amount of categories, helping you find remote work online across 24 categories.

Once you click on one of the categories, it is not possible to further filter by type, location, or level of experience so it makes it quite complicated to further filter down and find your best work from home jobs.

16. Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations Homepage

Don´t let you fool by the look of Virtual Vocation, this remote jobs website is current and updated on a daily basis.

This site has some very exciting features, letting you grant access to helpful tools that let you track all the applications you´ve submitted to help you stay on top of which remote jobs you´ve applied for. This service is on a subscription basis and costs $15.99, offering full access to their remote jobs databases along with alerts for work from home jobs matching your interests.

They also provide an interesting telecommuting handbook and interview guide downloads to help you land your new remote job.

17. Linkedin

Linkedin Jobs filter

Linkedin has built a solid reputation to be the best social network to build and engage with your professional network. Linkedin has a job listing tool that helped millions of people land a job, recently they have allowed companies working remotely to select their job location as "Remote" for location-independent job opportunities.

Looking for remote jobs opportunities on Linkedin is pretty straightforward, you can perform the job search by keyword (title, skill, company) + use "Remote" as the location.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to know if the remote roles are available in just a specific country or if the company is 100% remote and hiring globally - if you find a great remote job role, we suggest reading the description thoroughly before applying in case they have geographical restrictions.

We still believe Linkedin is a great resource to find a remote job online.

18. Flexjobs

FlexJobs Homepage

Flexjobs is the biggest job site to find remote and flexible jobs opportunities and flexible jobs in the US, in fact, most of the job opportunities we found on this site are only available to US residents.

To access remote work opportunities you´ll have to sign up for their Premium service, one month costs $14.95, 3 months $ 29.95 and 1 year is $49.95. You can also try the website for free and you´ll be shown 5 Free Jobs matching your remote job search.

FlexJobs pricing

Not all jobs listed are remote, so make sure you select the filter ¨"100% Remote Work" from the dropdown highlighted in the picture above.

19. AngelList

AngelList Homepage

Have you always dreamed of working for a start-up? AngelList is probably one of your remote jobs websites to discover remote jobs working for a start-up! Not all roles are available to remote work although it is possible to filter out those remote jobs opportunities by selecting to only show remote jobs available in your desired location, for example, Europe or the US.

You can also select to only show companies where most of the employees are working remotely, this is a great filter if you´d like to work for a 100% distributed team instead of a hybrid setup.

20. Dribbble

Dribbble Homepage

Dribble is a great remote job resource for creatives and web designers alike. Their site has a modern touch and an appealing look. This is user-friendly site offers the option to show remote-only jobs by selecting the "Open to Remote" location.

They display remote and flexible jobs in design at all levels directly on their homepage where most of the remote roles are full-time. If you want to access remote freelance jobs, you can access to Pro+ section where more remote contract jobs are shown.

Dribble allows remote creative job seekers to filter out jobs by 9 specialties like animation or UX design and by budget, making it a great tool for the creative community.

21. Content Writing Jobs

Content Writing Jobs Homepage

We are so impressed by this site! Content Writing Jobs is actually one of the best remote jobs websites out there for content writers, it is commonly known as THE community for writers, copywriters, and content managers, so make sure to visit their site to not miss a single opportunity.

They have more than 7,000 newsletters readers and 70,000 Linkedin followers. This site allows you to filter out job postings that are available in your location allowing you to apply only to remote jobs available to you.

They also offer a premium service for $10 a month where you´ll always be the first one to know if a new job gets posted. Pretty awesome!

22. SolidGigs

SolidGigs Homepage

‍In order to access hand-picked remote freelancing gigs, you´ll have to sign up for their monthly trial. The first month only costs $2 then it goes up to $19 a month after the initial 30-day trial.

You will have access to a dedicated supporting team, weekly gig matches based on your interests and criteria, a community of freelancers, and exclusive masterclasses with experts.

$2 for the first month is a great investment if they provide you with your first gig within the first 30 days. It will entirely cover the cost, not a bad site to try out as a freelancer looking for remote jobs!

23. Upwork

Upwork Homepage

With over 40M monthly page views, Upwork is certainly one of the most well-known sites among freelancers. Many companies like Airbnb, Uber, Microsoft have used this platform to look for freelancers, it is completely free to sign up and look for a job although bear in mind that Upwork takes 20% commission until you develop a steady and regular relationship with a client. So if you are a freelance beginner looking for your first remote gig, we highly recommend testing out this platform and seeing if it is the right call for you.

24. Freelancer

Freelancer Homepage has around 8M page views per month with most of the traffic being generated in the Americas. They connect over 44 million employers and freelancers all over the world making it a great option if you are looking for your next remote gig. The site features many opportunities in different categories, like remote marketing gigs or remote writing jobs.

You can easily view the jobs available without creating a profile, although in order to contact companies or employers you´ll have to sign up. It is actually free to sign up, post a project and receive bids from employers, if you win a job you´ll have to pay a fee of 3% or $3 USD, whichever is greater.

25. Fiverr

Fiverr Homepage

Fiverr has helped thousands of freelancers turn their income from 0 to 6 figures. How? By providing a freelance marketplace where you can find your next work from home gig or repeated freelance projects. It is not a platform to find full time remote jobs!

The site focus on those remote jobs that are quick and easy to perform, many of the tasks are in fact advertised as little as $5. The secret to succeeding as a freelancer looking for constant remote work on Fiverr is to go through the Fiverr PRO vetting process where you´ll have to showcase your exceptional talent and portfolio.

In this way, you´ll be able to charge way more than $5 per remote gig and live the remote life you have always dreamed of! Fiverr is not one of the traditional job boards, it is probably the world´s largest freelancing site out there! the platform allows you to hire remote freelancers like virtual assistants, web designers, technical writing experts and, web developers.

Finding remote work online can be a difficult task but it doesn´t have to be! There are plenty of sites that offer freelance work opportunities in different categories like marketing or writing - and the best part is - most of them are free!

In order to find the best remote job opportunities, you'll need to do some research on your own. Checking the 25 websites we´ve put together is a great place to start!  

We hope that by now you have joined your new remote team! If you want help finding a perfect match for your skill set, reach out and let us know how we can assist you with this endeavor!

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